Hostgator Affiliate Program Review 2016

Hostgator Affiliate Program Review 2018 – our comprehensive review of the Hostgator Hosting Affiliate Program. Features, PROS, CONS and more.

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One of the top affiliate programs available is through Hostgator, a reputable, long-standing company in the area of webhosting companies. Their program allows for great earnings every month, providing excellent brand name recognition, great webhosting features, cheap signup prices as low as one cent, and the creation of custom affiliate coupons. Additionally, you’ll receive generous payout commissions and a dedicated affiliate team to help you in the event that you have questions or concerns. Here’s our review of the Hostgator affiliate program.

Hostgator Affiliate Program

Allowing unlimited hosting with quality customer support, Hostgator is known for their excellent customer service and top-notch features. Through the affiliate program, you can make serious commissions just by referring people to the program.

Getting started with Hostgator’s affiliate program

To get started, all you need to do is sign up for their affiliate plan. Then you’ll have a waiting period of roughly three to four days as they approve your application.

Payment options include ACH, check, or Paypal. Paypal and ACH are generally fastest.

One of the best things about the Hostgator affiliate plan is that they pay by number of referrals, so if you refer nine people at $75 per commission, you will receive $675. If you refer 11 people at $100 per commission, you’ll get $1100, etc. Their payouts are frequent and regular, typically occurring on the 11th of the month.

The only downside is that you must be paid in 90 increments, and the affiliate referrals must be active in order to receive payout.

Hostgator reporting

You will be able to see insightful and detailed reporting for your referrals based on client ID, device, domain, invoice ID, etc. This way you can quickly automate and download customized reports, allowing you the opportunity to determine where you’re converting best.

Since Hostgator also allows you to generate custom affiliate coupons, you’ll also be able to track referrals based on these. So if you are referring someone based on a lower domain name price as a one time offer, you can track that criterion specifically.

Hostgator provides banners, affiliate links, and custom codes to get started promotion your affiliate code.


Hostgator has a number of excellent features. These include cPanel, SSL, Linux, Windows and Mac support, and some of the most affordable prices around with hosting starting as cheap as one cent. Hostgator will also create weekly backups and provide unlimited domain registration for users signing up to this plan. Their Windows server is perfect for ASP.Net and includes the latest version of Plesk, with 25 simultaneous processes allowed. Their reseller hosting lets you essentially be your own hosting company, using it as basic hosting or hosting others for profit, making it perfect for multiple e-commerce websites as well. You’ll get unlimited cPanels and branding available, as well as private name servers.

Hostgator Affiliate Program - Sign Up Now!

Other pros

Hostgator’s shared webhosting plans include a number of excellent features, with pricing being one of the top. Their pricing includes promo codes for each year, such as HGBAYOU25OFF to get 25% off. The baby plan then becomes $3 per month or less. Using some coupons (HGBAYOU1CENT), you can actually get monthly hosting for one cent.

Hostgator also includes a sliding scale basis for their plans, so as you go up in terms of features, you’ll pay more — and get access to more web space, additional email accounts and domain names, etc.

Their uptime and reliability is also another part of the company’s excellent reputation. They guarantee 99.9% uptime and generally always remain true to this promise. The company includes a instructional guide on migrating your WordPress website from a specific, current hosting company to another, without any trouble. The company includes detailed how-to guides in the form of video, online forums, and help articles, as well as extremely knowledgable and friendly customer support.

Transfer service and QuickInstall

In fact, if you decide you would simply prefer to transfer a website manually, Hostgator will do the whole thing for you. For non developers, this is extremely helpful.
The company also provides unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, and FTP accounts in unlimited numbers, as well as domains and subdomains. This gives you the option to receive premium, secure connections for any number of individuals in your household or company.


Another huge bonus is cPanel. This is one of the top choices of software enabling you to keep your server’s backend up and running smoothly. To install your websites, you will need to use this platform. The great thing about cPanel is that it’s open source, and is the basic industry standard. This means it has plenty of documentation and help files — and is a lot easier to use.

Thanks to cPanel, Hostgator has an extremely open stance toward allowing you to use your website however you want. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can just set up a huge scam operation, but they will let you do anything, just about, provided it is legal, in terms of customization. In the event that you choose to install separate WordPress plugins to redirect contact forms through gmail, they’ll be fine with this.

Clean Energy Powered

The company is also clean energy powered, so this means you’ll be helping the planet as you continue your webhosting ventures.


Hostgator also provides SiteLock, a premium feature to ensure your communications are being monitored reputably. This allows for malware blacklist monitoring, with search engine and proprietary sites reported as malware if there are any notifications popping up, SSL scanning if you have an SSL certificate installed, and email and spam blacklist monitoring. This helps you ensure a top-end reputation for your own website. Without SiteLock, you may end up with lost customers, wasted marketing and website design efforts, and abandoned visits to your website. Sitelock’s scanner will verify your email, SSL, and website as a whole to make sure communication to your customers remains uninterrupted.


Thanks to the company’s excellent brand name recognition, powerful web hosting features, cheap signup prices, and the creation of affiliate coupons, Hostgator’s affiliate plan remains one of the top in the industry. They have a dedicated affiliate team to help out with any issues or problems, and provide for extremely generous payouts and commissions. If you sign up with Hostgator’s affiliate plan, you will quickly start generating referrals and income just by placing your link around your website.

Hostgator Affiliate Program - Sign Up Now!