Dreamhost Affiliate Program Review

Dreamhost Affiliate Program Review 2018 – our comprehensive review of the Dreamhost Hosting Affiliate Program. Features, PROS, CONS and more.

Dreamhost Affiliate Program - Sign Up Now!

If you’re looking for one of the top affiliate programs to sign up and market for, Dreamhost is among the best. The company includes brand name recognition, great webhosting features, and it allows for the creation of custom affiliate coupons. This is a 2 tier affiliate program, and is extremely easy to sign up for and get started displaying affiliate ads on your site. You can make nearly $50 per sale and don’t need to be a Dreamhost customer to get started.

Dreamhost Affiliate Program

Brand Name Recognition

Dreamhost is coming into its 19th year in business, being based in California. The company has created a customer base of more than 1.5 million people. Even non-tech savvy individuals will recognize the Dreamhost brand, their reputation being enviable among competing platforms.

Since the company’s inception, their product offerings have evolved and expanded, but kept its original commitment to staying up to date with services and products.

The company’s strong brand name recognition has remained stable throughout the years, with top rankings in a number of consumer feedback surveys. They’ve been able to maintain low downtime rates, high quality in services, and become one of the top industry professionals in virtual, dedicated, shared, and cloud services.


Dreamhost has taken the old cPanel design and completely reworked it for its customers. This has lead to its customers being more easily able to access cPanel features and functionality. While the company’s main focus is shared hosting, they also provided dedicated hosting and VPS, with each package running just as well on Linux as on Windows or Mac. It’s an excellent choice for WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems available. The company’s affiliate program pays based on each tier, so you’ll receive commissions for sub-affiliate sales and regulate affiliate commissions as well.

Since Dreamhost is one of the most well-established and feature-rich hosts on the market, one of the main reasons to promote their program is due to the ability to earn such great commissions. They have a tried and true affiliate program, so you will always be guaranteed to receive payment. For each web hosting sale made but sub-affiliates, you will receive $5.

Other important features for the company include the fact that its plans are hosted on solid state drives, providing for premium speed and storage, and you get one free domain name. You can host unlimited domains and receive unlimited bandwidth and storage, while using DreamPress 2, you can quickly get your WordPress site up and running. DreamPress2 is hosted on virtual private servers providing 30GB of SSD storage, using PHP 5 with optional HHVM. The WordPress install itself is automatic, so you don’t need to have any special coding knowledge to get set up. With the company’s 97 day moneyback guarantee, customers are guaranteed to be happy with Dreamhost’s numerous features.

Dreamhost Affiliate Program - Sign Up Now!

Custom Coupon Creation

One of the best parts of Dreamhost’s affiliate program is the ability to create custom coupons. This means that if you have a specific offer you wish to provide your website visitors, such as the DreamPress 2 program, 1-click installer, or the hand-rolled control panel that Dreamhost has worked away at for 12 years, you can do so.

All you need to do is become an affiliate, and you’ll be able to start making custom coupons to promote right away. By visiting the site and signing up, you can quickly begin distributing affiliate promotions on your blog or website, or social media.

2-Tier Referrals and Payments

Dreamhost offers a $97 payment per direct hosting sale, and you get paid $5 per subaffiliate hosting sale as it is a 2-tier plan.


The only drawback to Dreamhost is the fact that monthly payouts are done on a 90-day basis, so you do have to wait a little bit to get your check. Payments are done by PayPal or hosting credit, so you have some options there as well.

The only other drawback is the slightly higher than average possibility that other affiliates may overwrite your cookies. But this is a fairly low chance, since each code is specific to the affiliate who issued them.

Getting Started With Dreamhost

To sign up as a Dreamhost affiliate, just visit the official page and enter your name, email, and password. Then you’ll immediately have access to their affiliate network and resources. There are a number of ways to promote, including adding your affiliate ID to the link and head of each image you include, or linking to the promo page or sign up page, for example. Banners are another excellent resource, and can be placed around your website with your affiliate link to generate more hits.

Dreamhost promo codes are one of the best affiliate tools; if you offer your visitors a discount of $50 upon using your discount coupon, you will get a commission of $47. And due to the ability to change coupon codes to be customized how you want, you can change the discount amount to whatever you wish.

Additional Dreamhost Affiliate Bonuses

Once you become a premium Dreamhost affiliate, you can up your pay rate to be distributed every month. This means getting five or more sales, at which point you will be receiving more frequent checks.

Dreamhost’s payment processing is extremely solid and dependable, making this a great source of income over the long term.

Additionally, Dreamhost has included premium cloud storage services using their special DreamObjects plan. This is designed for Internet entrepreneurs and developers, including scaling cloud storage plans for application and web file serving, site backups, and persistent business and personal backups for videos, photos, and other media.

Conclusion: Dreamhost is an excellent affiliate program

Due to the high payment rate of $97 per commission and the ease at which you can post your affiliate link and get new referrals, Dreamhost is one of the best choices for old and new publishers alike. Thanks to the company’s excellent reputation, they basically “sell themselves,” so you won’t have to do any heavy lifting in terms of marketing them. The creation of custom affiliate coupons and 2-tier affiliate structure makes this an even better choice for anyone in need of a solid, dependable affiliate program to sign up for. Rated 5/5 stars.

Dreamhost Affiliate Program - Sign Up Now!