WPEngine Affiliate Program Review

WPEngine Affiliate Program Review 2018 – our comprehensive review of the WPEngine Hosting Affiliate Program. Features, PROS, CONS and more.

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The WPEngine affiliate program is one of the top webhosting affiliate offerings out there. We recommend it as #1 due to its large affiliate commissions, two-tier program design, extremely helpful affiliate team, and excellent webhosting features. In this review, we’ll discuss the benefits of the program, with commission rates, payout period, pros and cons, webhosting plans, and features offered.

WPEngine Affiliate Program

WPEngine was one of the first pioneers of specialized WordPress hosting platforms. The company has continued to provide customers with enormous levels of service and great marketing efforts. What’s more, when you sign up for their affiliate plan, you will recommending a service that is very good, and your referrals will thank you for it. Since you get such huge payouts, WPEngine is considered one of the best large enterprise-style companies, with $1200 being a standard payout per month for a small-time blogger (and $10,000 being the average for a website owner with a medium sized blog and average monthly traffic).


The WPEngine affiliate program is the highest paying affiliate plan of all web hosting affiliate programs in existence. You will receive at a very minimum $200 per referral, which is a huge payout. Their affiliate program is fairly simple, where you receive all of the first month’s payment or $200, which ever is larger, up to the business plan level.

At the business plan level, you will receive $249 per commission, and are paid monthly with commissions going out 45 days between each cycle. You can also earn performance bonuses if you receive enough referrals during each cycle.

The great thing about WPEngine is that its software works extremely well for anyone, whether you are a starting business, a big company, or simply a blogger wanting to get started with your first site. You will also receive automatic backups, as well as an excellent-looking WordPress site that looks very good on mobile devices while using a simple and clean interface.

The introductory price for getting started is only $29 per month, and that is comparable to other shared hosting companies.

WPEngine also runs using a CDN or content delivery network, which is basically a system of numerous caching servers. These are placed all over the globe, and will store local copies of your site’s content — making it quickly available to visitors in any particular region they’re visiting from. This means content will load much faster being closer to the end user with less latency, and your site can scale much more because traffic gets served from this global CDN-based platform.

WPEngine Affiliate Program - Sign Up Now!

How the program works

Once you sign up as an affiliate, WPEngine will provide banners and links to let you promote your affiliate code. You will also receive $50 per customer that each of your sub-affiliates refers, which is why the 2-tier structure of this platform is so strong. Their cookie based tracking software works through ShareASale, which lets affiliates get credit for up to 180 days after a click.

WPEngine also operates on a scaling plan basis. So if you’d like to start out smaller with hosting your site and gradually increase, you can do so. The personal plan is for marketers, creatives and developers, with one install, 25k visits per month, and 10GB local storage, along with unlimited data transfer. This plan is $29 per month.

The professional plan is $99 per month, and allow for up to 10 installs, 100k visits per month, and 20GB local storage. Finally, the business plan gives you 25 installs, 400k visits per month, and 30GB local storage, making it great for high traffic sites with GeoIP.

A core feature of WPEngine’s top speed, security and scalability is their “Secret sauce.” This is a proprietary layer that is created from numerous carefully designed code rules. These are tuned in a special way for maximum performance, allowing the layer to evaluate browser requests, considering if malformed requests should be let through. This creates an enhanced form of web security, and WPEngine’s front-end layer also reduces server load substantially. Unlike many hosting plans where JavaScript, stylesheets, images and other code have to be served through the backend, WPEngine serves it through frontend resources. Thus, their sites run faster, smoother, and just as well during spikes of high traffic with zero performance loss.

Pros and Cons


  • Along with WPEngine’s immense commission level, you will get paid $200 minimum for each check. Payment is done monthly and even if you just make one sale, you get paid.
  • Their banners are available in many different sizes for easy promotion, and their tracking cookies ensure you get a commission every time someone clicks.
  • Sub-affiliates through the 2-tier structure ensure that you get $50 per each customer they refer, so you’ll earn huge commissions as your affiliates build up more referrals over time.
  • Additionally, you can earn bonus commissions for multiple monthly sales, and the vast amount of features included in WPEngine’s core systems ensures that it is one of the best webhosting affiliate programs out there.
  • WPEngine also offers some affiliates custom landing pages, which can make a huge difference in terms of conversions. You can find season promotions for New Year’s, Black Friday, and Christmas, among other coupons where you can find discount coupons and deals.


  • The only drawback to WPEngine is that the plans are slightly higher priced than other companies, but this is due to the fact that the quality of the hosting services is so immense, and the huge affiliate commissions make up for it.

Getting Started

To get started, simply assess your current website and determine if WPEngine seems to fit the audience you have at the moment. If it is, simply sign up and start promoting; and if you have any questions or problems, the helpful affiliate team at WPEngine is on standby to quickly get your issue resolved. They’re extremely happy to help out and will generally give you great new promotional tips and ideas.


WPEngine is an excellent choice for affiliates in terms of webhosting plans, due to their large affiliate commissions, helpful affiliate team, great features, and two-tier pricing structure for referrals. If you’re serious about becoming a super affiliate, WPEngine is a plan that’s not to be missed. Rated 5/5 stars.

WPEngine Affiliate Program - Sign Up Now!